Born in Israel, Ami Shafrir has worked tirelessly to build an impressive list of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, however, the business he is possibly most proud of is the social media company he is building worldwide.

Ami was exhausting himself and most of his fiscal resources to fight Daniel and Abner Nicherie. Thanks to Ami’s cooperation with the FBI, the United States Attorney, the Criminal Division of the IRS, the U.S. Department of Labor, and other authorities he was instrumental in ensuring the arrest and successful prosecution of the Nicherie brothers.

The Asian based Internet company, was riddled with problems  – but Ami saw overwhelming potential. Ami put what little funds he had left into reinventing several social websites. Along the way Ami has developed powerful relationships with the entertainment industry’s prominent players, celebrities and artists.

While Ami has poured himself into rebuilding his life, he doesn’t believe in doing so at the expense of others. Looking into the future, Ami Shafrir says, “I have decided to continue giving back to society by building the framework of a charitable organization. Through this organization, I plan to help individuals who are struggling in life. I want everyone to succeed and will always fight for the less fortunate to have a level playing field in this industry.”